Case Study - Alcohol

Gareth is a young flying instructor trying to get his first ‘real’ flying job. He is 24 and has a girlfriend he lives with.

Gareth’s girlfriend likes to party and Gareth finds it hard to limit his alcohol intake when he goes out, and as for staying home – well that’s not really an option either.

Gareth is finding that the hangovers are getting harder to deal with. Even his fellow instructors are noticing his bleary eyes, general untidiness and lack of decision making ability. It won’t be long before the CFI says something.

One day he is asked to fly with a student another instructor is not getting along with. It is after another of his big nights and he is feeling less than stellar, in fact he has taken more than a couple of pain killers this morning. In the circuit Gareth is having a hard time focusing on what the student is saying and doing, and the final landing of the day goes horribly wrong.

Nobody is seriously injured but the aeroplane is a write-off and an investigation is launched.

Gareth’s lifestyle is about to catch up with him and scupper his chances of landing that airline job, because the insurance company has asked for a blood test to check for alcohol and drugs.