Drugs case study

Tony is a middle-aged professional working in the law. He has recently been introduced to the middle classes’ new drug of choice – P.

At first it was fantastic, he felt invincible and able to cope with anything, but now he has to use a bit more every time, and it’s affecting his sleep.

Tony is also learning to fly at the local aero club, usually in the weekends and invariably after a night of P use.

His instructor can’t quite put her finger on the reason why a presumably intelligent man is so slow to take information on board, and so inconsistent. He flies erratically, makes unpredictable decisions and his temper is hard to pick – she never knows which dwarf is turning up for the lesson, Dopey, Sleepy, Grumpy or Happy.

Her questions are answered the following weekend when Tony doesn’t make the lesson. He got pulled over the night before after driving erratically and failed an impairment test, so was tested for drugs. He had methamphetamine in his system.

Now Tony is unlikely to ever complete his PPL, and after spending some time detained at Her Majesty's pleasure, he will undoubtedly have trouble with his career too.