Daily Food, Water, and Caffeine Habits

Aviation requires you to be flexible with your time and skills. Now we have looked at your body’s requirements for food and water, and how we can use caffeine for our benefit, just how much of these essential items do we need every day?

Your body needs 8700 kilojoules of energy every day. In general, a low-fat diet of mainly low and intermediate GI foods with some good quality protein is the best option. All things in moderation used to be the option, but now you can check food wrapping for information on energy and weights of components. You can get a smartphone app to scan these too.

Hydration is relatively straightforward  –  what comes out needs to go back in.

2.5 litres, or 8 standard glasses, will be enough for a standard day in average conditions.

Caffeine at moderate levels is 200 to 300 mg per day. This is two to three cups of coffee per day. Used strategically it can help keep you alert.